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    WWI & WWII

    A visit to the WWI & WWII sites in France & Belgium is a real ‘out of classroom’ experience that students will long remember.

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    Edinburgh is a stunning city, entwined with its landscape, where buildings and monuments are perched on dramatic windswept hills, namely the atmospheric Castle Rock home to the magnificent castle.

  • bud2


    Budapest is arguably the most beautiful city in central Europe and an architectural gem.

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    Belfast & Derry

  • petersburg-shutterstock_62052523

    Moscow & St Petersburg

  • prague-shutterstock_21230107


    Prague really is a delight to the eyes with all of the different colours, spires and glorious architecture coming in many contrasting styles.

  • krakow-shutterstock_76888639


    The inviting city of Krakow is arguably Poland's most popular attraction, as it has plenty to offer everyone in terms of art, history and culture.

  • vienna-shutterstock_47980477


    The city of Vienna is a cultural haven which is home to grand imperial palaces, a whole district of art museums, an historical centre and masses of glorious green parkland's and gardens.

  • berlin-shutterstock_59438671


    It is difficult to think that this city has suffered so much during this century. Bombed and blasted, split into two and then healed as one in 1989.

  • london-shutterstock_13531918


    As Europes' largest city, London is pacey and animated although there are many opportunities for taking things easy.